Mid measurement All Leaders Group

Hello member of All leaders group!

The workplace is an important factor in thriving as a person. It is especially important for leaders to have a safe forum for support and inspiration among peers.

This survey is a mid measurement, aimed at understanding the progress in the work together with Psykologifabriken. Most questions are identical to the ones most of you filled out in march. When answering these questions, make sure to do so based on your experience of working in the All Leaders Group, not based on your experience of your HFB or Bed & Bath in general. The responses will be completely anonymous and only analyzed and presented on a group level by Psykologifabriken and students from Gothenburg University (more on that by the end of the survey).

The questions are designed to capture the 8 principles for sustainable teams. You will get to take part of the results in august.

Thank you for sharing your experience!